Off the Air

The east coast of Australia has been experiencing violent storms in the past few days. We were only on the fringe of things here but our phones are out, which means no internet. According to the Telstra office we can expect to have contact with the outside world restored by close of business on the 4th March! So we are about to remember the world without connectivity … quite a challenge. In the interim we can drive to town and visit friends and family to borrow their wi-fi now and then. We also live in a low area where there is no mobile phone coverage, so the drive to town each day will be necessary to pick up messages … ho hum!!


Yes I am feeling a bit sharky!

22 thoughts on “Off the Air

  1. This is a hard one to “like”. Though I must say, I “love’ your image. Good luck with the adjustments and inconvenience. I want to say that sometimes it’s nice to be forced to be without… but it’s not really. I do hope that you are safe and sound.

  2. I could say “enjoy the down time” but when it’s not by choice, it’s inconvenient… as has been said by many before… bloody Telstra. Surely they have to get onto the supply quicker than that what if there’s an emergency – you can’t evn dial 000, I imagine. I’m happy though you experienced no worse. Next time I deal with them I’ll don the ‘shark’ persona. We have the same low area coverage issue at Taylors Arm. I’m still waiting for a Testra branded smart phone that’s been on back order for weeks, and which Telstra inexplicably don’t supply accessories for. I have to order them from the phone manufacturer in China or EBay, but the phone has an antenna socket that with (yet another) patch lead may (or may not) be useful to hook up to our antenna at Taylors Arm which so far has been bloody useless for internet coverage…

    • so interesting to hear about your phone .. we are wondering about using an antenna too, (sounds like the smart phone issues could defeat us!! )… at least for now when we have no connectivity at all … this morning i stopped a Telstra man in a neighbouring street (where I was visiting briefly) and he said he might have a look for me … not his job tho’ … so fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚ meanwhile here i am at the library in town, thank goodness for that …

      • Our country neigbours whose house is situated slightly higher than our’s have their little Telstra non smart phones plugged into a 6 inch long aerial attached to the end of what looks like a garden stake attached to their verandah rail… they get mobile reception. We bought a 2+ foot long aerial (the kind you see on country 4WDs) and attached it to the TV aerial, making it higher than the neighbour’s. For mobile broadband it gave us bare coverage – less than a bar but I’m hoping it will be sufficient for the phones… The local Telstra dealer Leading Edge in Kempsey was very good and well versed in rural solutions… but can’t perform miracles. Good luck with getting the landline repaired, and also a mobile solution ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Glad you were only on the fringe of the storms – sorry you’re off the air (be careful, no climbing ladders or swimming in the rock pool) – but so glad to see ‘shark’ (I’m thinking he’s another piece from the exhibition from found objects?). ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Christine, you have certainly had the extremes of heat and weather there. God bless you and the adjustments called for along with faith and stamina. The scientists Barbara Marx Hubbard studied with called for an intensification of weather patterns in our new cycle; you are certainly experiencing them and the East Coast of the USA, in particular, is getting a taste of extreme. Sending Reiki love and BALANCE.

  5. These storms have been incredible. I was caught out in the eye of the storm in Sydney on Saturday night ! Was quite exciting !
    I hope you rejoin us in tech world soon – and until then – enjoy the peace I say !

    • that storm was incredible … we were so glad not to be hit like Kiama where so much was devastated … glad you are safe after being in the eye … those still centres are doubly scary!

    • i agree with you, worth the occasional inconvenience, although being cut off does create some ripples, we realise how much we use the internet for so many things … like checking the tides before walking on the beach … silly isn’t it?

    • no fun at present, pouring rain, no sign of repairman, and now we are having mobile phone issues too … a bit frustrating! at least the three year old is coming over to spend the night, so we will have lots of games ๐Ÿ™‚

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