Grey Rocks Rockpool

There is another secret rockpool nearby, twenty minutes walk along the Bingie Dreaming Track at Grey Rocks. We drove there this afternoon with our three year granddaughter (who is having a sleepover), about three hours before high tide. This was her first visit to the pool, and she was entranced. Sand had filled it in since last we saw it, so there was only one deepish part, where adults could sit and enjoy the foam rushing through narrow openings from the sea. Usually it is deeper. I feel as though it is my personal spa bath, and Eddy adored it. She ‘swam’ from one of us the the other, clutching a little plastic cup in which to catch foam. Small fish drifted around us, small rock crabs scuttled out of reach, cunjevoi squirted, and sunlight sparkled on the water. Climb over a few rocks, and come on in!


There, wasn’t that marvellous, and so refreshing!

16 thoughts on “Grey Rocks Rockpool

    • thanks gilly, i thought it is was lovely with the lowering sun behind them … S just said we don’t need anything else in life, just the pool and the grandchild experiences!

  1. What a beautiful place. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Making memories for our grandchildren is very special. I made memory photo books for all my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing yours.


  2. Fanastic gifts for Eddy, both the day swimming with her grandparents and a love of the beach. From when I was born, Mum & Dad took me to the beach and it’s indelibly printed on my soul… if I ever get lost in life, I go to the beach and find myself.

    • Eddy is lucky to have good beachy parents too, she has just started boogie boarding with help, but our secret rockpools will be special for the three of us! The beach is so undemanding, full of invitation and acceptance, a wonderful place to find yourself, just you and the elements …. beautifully written elladee 🙂

  3. What a wonderful day! I love the idea of holding her cup to catch the foam. I have a three year-old granddaughter, too, and I know she would have loved this lovely spot. The photos are wonderful and you each of you are having such a great time! I loved being part of such a special family occasion! 🙂

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