Rock Pool swimming

About twenty minutes walk from home there is marvellous rock pool just perfect for swimming. You have to pick the time of the tide, not too high or the waves will wash you out, not too low or there may not be water depth enough to swim.

rock pool from the cliff above

rock pool from the cliff above

This scrumptious haven snuggles into the rocks on the western side of Honeymoon Beach, and is reached either by a treacherous descent from cliffs above, or a hazardous walk over very sharp and uneven rocks from the beach. However we have been doing it for years, so nothing deters us!

midway down, the water looks inviting!

midway down, the water looks inviting!

Ocean swells move through an opening and roll in great lumps through the pool, pouring out to the east, rejoining the sea as it retreats after each wave. In a high swell I have to be careful not to get too close to that side, or I might wooosh out with the water, and those rocks look a bit dangerous. Ideally the incoming swell provides a force to swim against, holding the swimmer in position, until the retreat, when one can float casually and kick lazily back towards the shallow end. All lots of good fun, and wonderful exercise.

quiet sea, perfect for swimming!

quiet sea, perfect for swimming!

This afternoon the swell and the tide was higher than the photos show; we were treated to all the thrills of a waterslide park, managed to swim a little too … then climbed out feeling very refreshed. Do you have a favourite natural place to swim?

31 thoughts on “Rock Pool swimming

  1. Wonderful images… I can imagine how cool and refeshing the water is πŸ™‚ Like you, it depends on the tides but we enjoy the rock pools on Shelly Beach at Nambucca Heads from time to time… one of many options from which we choose.

  2. This is a really beautify spot. I also love the idea that there’s a Honeymoon Beach! What a great name. It appears that it’s large enough to offer a bit of privacy and not be overrun with too many people! If that’s true, I’m really envious! πŸ™‚

    • i think locals called it Honeymoon … such a very picturesque beach … perhaps the real name is Mullimburra … not sure πŸ™‚ no-one argues with us, like our beach, everyone knows it as “Our Beach” …

    • we must return soon, the wild weather has found us swimming in the municipal pool the last few weeks … all that yucky chlorine 😦 but good for fitness

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