Around the Vegetable Garden

I took the camera into the garden to capture the frog sitting amongst the borlotti bean leaves, but then I got carried away by the beauty of the plants, and the bees …. So join the tour with me, a summer vegetable garden thick with foliage and heavy with delicious treats.

You can see I became fixated on the pumpkins growing so boisterously along the fence, entranced by bees crawling around inside the huge flowers, covered in pollen. I hope it makes good honey!


24 thoughts on “Around the Vegetable Garden

  1. Great garden…my attempts at such a garden have failed because all of the critters each it faster than it can grow….but love seeing what a garden should look like. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Lovely green garden you have there. All looks so good, no wonder you got carried away. You are going to enjoy your fresh veggies. Thank for the tour through wonderland

  3. great looking veg! don’t know if you can get bbc programmes, but we have just finished watching Monty Don doing the gardens of France, and I know you were there last year. Programme 2 is on the potager and 3 on the garden and the artist. Fab!

  4. I just LOVE having fresh fruit, veggies or herbs to pick, straight from the garden. It makes the whole cooking experience so much more enjoyable πŸ™‚

    Lovely photos, Christine.

  5. I am having a devil of a time following my blogs lately, they don’t appear in my mailbox anymore!, any ideas?, i think i have missed a few so will go back, love your images and excuse my rant, MJ

    • hi mj, that has happened to me with some too … i think you have to unsubscribe, then subscribe again … some i follow will not appear in the reader … very annoying! christine xx

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