Not the Beez “Don’t Mention the Wall”

robdetaLast night we went to a local concert, the second this week. Our neighbours about 2km away hosted well-known Berlin musicians The Beez … well, Not the Beez they called themselves, since it was only Deta and Rob this time with “Don’t Mention the Wall”. They billed it as  “Songs and stories from the fall of the Berlin Wall and beyond, with Deta and Rob Rayner from The Beez playing classics and originals from the Bowie to The Beatles. This is the unadulterated truth about the dramatic post-Wall banana shortage, East German Country and Western harmonica production and Stasis-assisted sound checks, all from a uniquely German / Australian perspective“.

A slide show with movies and images they had made over the years played behind them, illustrating their songs; the Wall, various political moments, cartoons, themselves in the eighties in Berlin, Deta in cabaret, the night the Wall came down, May Day celebrations /destructions, their friend who was imprisoned by the Stasis. We were being educated, through humour, song and tragedy. Deta loved growing up in West Berlin, the tension between east and west a minor annoyance that delayed them going away on holiday as they queued at checkpoints, and the benefits of having 24 hour a day open clubs and bars! Rob (an Australian) did not explain why he went to live in Berlin, except that he was young and stupid. It was often hilarious, and always moving, sometimes terrifying. So thanks to Not the Beez for an amazing show last night … if they come near you I can highly recommend you go and listen. On their last visit we saw them doing this piece below 🙂

More on the show:

Teamed with anecdotes and photos, this is a funny and moving account from two musicians unwittingly caught up of one of the most significant events of the 20th century.

   Native Berliner chanteuse and accordionist Deta Rayner witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989 and wasted no time in co-founding Chameleon, the legendary cabaret venue in the former East Berlin, which became a melting pot for musicians and variety artists east and west. Sydneysider Rob Rayner, a veteran indie-rocker , saw the writing on the wall for the then stagnating live music scene in Sydney and opted for a wall of an entirely different kind in early 1989, swapping Sydney sunshine for a brooding Berlin and confronting his arch-nemesis: the accordion.

Six months later the Berlin Wall fell, and nothing would ever be the same again…


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