Wordless Wednesday: Year of the Snake

one of our locals

one of our locals


13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Year of the Snake

  1. Beautiful snake! Fantastic! Here we have cobras, black krates, rat snakes….oh so many! Had a rather large one in the house once – prefer them in their natural environments! in peace….

    • yes, but only a dog or small child would die if untreated, they are very shy and try to avoid people at all costs, so you would have to be very silly or careless to be bitten …. they live around us here and slip out of sight at any hint of our presence … but we don’t go poking our hands into their hidey holes!

  2. What a beauty. I’m slowly working on my snake phobia. We had a red belly black cruise through the yard, and I was too intrigued to panic. I’ll never touch one but I can now stand to be in the presence (real or visual) of green and red belly blacks without going all cold and clammy, or bolting. I’m a Chinese Wood Snake, so this pleases me.

    • never having been afraid of anything like snakes or spiders i can’t tell exactly what that feeling is, but i know so many people who have it built-in, pre-programmed, so it must be really hard to overcome it … you are doing really well to get to intrigued instead of panicked!

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