Cockatoos again

This is typical February day, hot and humid, with a strong nor-easter blowing. Perhaps there will be a thunderstorm tonight? Yellow-tailed black cockatoos came down to the lily pond to drink. They feel safe there; not too exposed, and there are several logs in the water where they can stand to drink. They came into the trees nearby first, watching carefully, calling to each other. I grabbed the camera and snuck into position on the front porch, where they can’t really see me if I stay still.


four cockatoos keep watch in the casuarina by the pond

four cockatoos keep watch in the casuarina by the pond


Gradually they are reassured and first one, then others fly down onto a rock in the pond.



wings spread

wings spread

IMG_9085Another lands on an outdoor bench beside the pool, somewhere to plan his next move!



They very slowly climb down to water level, while other birds in the tree keep watch. Some walk on the ground, where grasses partially obscure them, making their way to the water. Brightly flowering “Baby Red” stands out in this photo.

at the lilypond

at the lilypond

This was an unexpected thrill in a day of bottling jam, tomato pasta sauce, grape juice, and other summer jobs. These beautiful cockatoos bring a feeling of joy and freedom wherever they are, of companionship, communication and respect. Hope you enjoy seeing them too!


31 thoughts on “Cockatoos again

  1. “An unexpected thrill in a day…” Yesterday walking in the woods, I came upon a barred owl very close by, sitting on a branch. We watched one another for a long time. I felt SO LUCKY for the moment. Kindred spirits.

  2. Wonderful photos. Black Cockatoos are the awesomest of bird… I always imagine them shrieking their way through the prehistoric age. We were only coomenting recently how their numbers aound Taylors Arm have grown. [If a had a dollar for everytime we saw them and someone said “black cockies, rain soon, X days” – X being number of cockies…] We counted 20+ at Taylors Arm, and 25 in Nambucca Heas one afternoon. They have favourite trees at TA, and decimate our neighbour’s macadamia tree every year while the neighbours are absent for their annual Tamworth Country Music Festival pilgrimage, leaving a lot of twigs and a few nuts on the ground. I would love to see them, as you do, at a pond – they do have the most amazing look out system in place. Even so, to go on the ground they must feel very safe by the liliy pond 🙂

    • they are so impressive in big flocks …. i can just imagine them all the macadamia tree and the debris! it is funny to hear people predicting rain when they see the cockies, we were lucky last night with a few big showers from thunderstorms!

    • so glad you can enjoy them … i know you have the best water bird photos on the internet and love to see your millpond … but we do have a huge number of different birds here, if only they would cooperate better with my camera skills!

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