Fish Rescue

After the big seas this week the lagoon is in trouble. Normally sea water washing into the system refreshes it, bringing in oxygen and nutrients for the fish. This time however a huge mass of kelp washed in, sand closed the lagoon mouth, and the water has become anaerobic. We noticed it early this morning  when we saw large bream struggling in the shallow water nearest to the outlet. They were hoping the sea would rush in again and free them, so they could swim back to the ocean. By coincidence it was a water-testing morning (first Sunday of each month) and the test results showed zero percentage of oxygen! So we mounted a fish rescue.

There were six of us, with buckets and nets, catching all the fish we could, transporting them across the sand to the sea, where they recovered quickly and swam away into the waves. After we had caught as many large fish as we could we concentrated on the small fry, taking perhaps a thousand little fish to the ocean. Even so we are afraid we will see dead fish floating tomorrow morning, unless heavy rain or big seas bring change.

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24 thoughts on “Fish Rescue

  1. At this was a case of nature at work….we had a rescue situation on the coast here in cornwall. An unknown spill from shipping coated the birds in a gluey substance. Thousands dead and hundreds rescued. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often given the amount of stress we humans put on the planet and environment, but nonethless sad when it does.

    • yes sue, this was nature … but how the weather has changed because of us, affecting all the other creatures on the planet, we still feel implicated in each little disaster, even bushfires, because before white men came here the aboriginal people managed the forests to prevent big fires …so we do what we can when we can … how awful it must be to see a big oil spill and the injury and death of so many birds and sea creatures … we have plastic on our beach more and more often, mankind must act to prevent disposable plastics entering the sea … that is my next campaign!

        • Sue, I am thinking of starting a little blogging awareness group for picking up plastic … i might even do it today … even though we are remote here we are getting more plastic on our beach every day, quite scary! We need to really protest and see what the manufacturing companies and government bodies can do to help … Christine xx

    • hi debra, it was a bit like that, trying to catch the fish who were trying not to be caught …. also nice to be in the water with a team of neighbours doing some good 🙂 and chatting to onlookers, one of whom was a marine scientist, and fascinated of course!

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