Attack of the Bower Birds

Our climbing beans are Blue Lake this year, a prolific favourite. However the Satin Bowerbirds have discovered the beans, and are busy decimating the vines. I looked out of the window this afternoon to see about a dozen on the bean trellis, fighting for position, tearing off leaves and swallowing as fast as they could! Of course we dug out a net, and have now deprived the birds, hoping for a successful second flush of beans in a few weeks.

I find it hard to photograph the elusive adult male, who must be about 7 years old before he acquires his distinctive deep blue feathers. So although the late afternoon was very dull, with thick cloud and a forecast of rain, I have managed to capture him this time. Later another male appeared completely mottled brown and blue, still in the process of changing his colours and becoming a breeding male. A little sunshine would have revealed the depth of colour, but then the birds may not have been so bold.

17 thoughts on “Attack of the Bower Birds

  1. i’ve never seen so many bower birds together at the same time! And their blue eyes – how bright and vivid they are! Sorry about the beans, Christine. Are they regular visitors, or has the bad weather and the fires propelled them in your direction looking for Blue Lake beans to steal (it says blue, after all!) 🙂

  2. Not sure who got the better of the deal, you of the Bower Birds. At least you’ve caught the culprits in action so the Police should be able to make some arrests 😉 I hope your beans recover and deliver a good crop.

    House Sparrows can be destructive – they love to pull the petals off Primroses and Primulas. I have no idea why – though I believe that some of the petals do occasionally get woven into nests! With the start of February, I’d better get on with the gardening – Thanks for the prompt 🙂

  3. Oh, the joys of gardening! Just when you are ready to pick the crop someone/s else beat you to it! Gardening here in India……some for the critters and some for the people (hopefully!). Thanks for the pics! RIght now contending with grasshoppers, after a monsoon round of slugs! in peace….

  4. I have taken to planting in a greenhouse…nature’s other creatures just loves everything I plant…lots of planting very little harvest…so I’ve compromised…well lost the battle. 🙂 Good luck!

    • hi charles, we are thinking of enclosing a bit more garden to keep more for ourselves … good to hear you are growing food in the greenhouse now … nature is so out of balance we just have to do our best don’t we?

  5. Some birds in your area are considered to be pests. However, they are worth thousands (each) in the U.S. Rose-breasted cockatoos is one example. We know a lady who would breed them (here in the States) and she would get thousands for each one. I heard that around Australia these birds are shot as pests! (I used to breed Macaws.)

    • i do understand thomas, although most cockatoos are not shot there are places where farmers feel it necessary to chase them off the crop by using shotguns …. i have a country friend who breeds valuable birds that she sells all around the world 🙂 why did you stop breeding macaws?

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