Flower Dome, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is the most extraordinary garden I have ever visited. Part of the comprehensive display is the Flower Dome where, in the largest columnless greenhouse in the world, plants of desert regions and cool temperate areas grow abundantly. Paths lead through different levels, so in this post you can imagine walking through the arid region display close to the entry. Come with me up a sloping ramp, among the cacti and Baobab trees.

Later I will guide you through the Australian and Mediterranean areas, and the completely over-the-top flower display, which featured a harvest theme of pumpkins, scarecrows and cornucopia.

10 thoughts on “Flower Dome, Singapore

    • on your next fabulous jaunt os perhaps … when we might winkle you down this far too for a little rest on our beach … and a guided tour of south coast treasures 🙂

  1. A beautiful garden that is full of wonder and discovery. I passed by Singapore airport on the way to the Philippines and inside the airport were thousands of orchids and tropical flowers. It was amazing! Wonderful post!

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