Love through the Years

This week’s Daily Post theme of love set me thinking of what it means to love someone over a long period of time. Not a child or a parent, but another fallible human being just like yourself. Marriage vows make a lot of sense as years go by, those old fashioned vows of sticking with each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the rough times. Somehow we stuck it out and love each other more with the richness of years spent together pursuing our dreams and doing our best. Perhaps I married a very patient and adaptable man, or maybe he chose the right woman to cope with all his idiosyncrasies  as well as all abundant his gifts. Women ask me in wonder “Does he have a brother?” …well no, he doesn’t, so it was just lucky me when we met in about 1965 or 66, we were with other people at a party, but our eyes met across the room, and sparks flew! It was not until 1970 that we got together, and I had a sinking feeling …”Oh no, this is the man I will spend my life with, and he is here already!” … perhaps I wanted a few more years to sort myself out, but we dived into it and that was that. It still is.

This was first posted on Heartfelt Images …. just thought you might like to see it here too 🙂

53 thoughts on “Love through the Years

  1. What a nice story and I’m happy that you found our one. The better half and I waited six years to have our second date. Thank goodness since I was not ready when we met and the relationship wouldn’t have lasted. Love is wonderful, but can’t be rushed.

  2. Of all the blogs I follow and read almost daily, I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten up, carried my laptop over to where my wife is sitting with her morning coffee and shared what I was reading. What great fortune it is to go through life with someone you truly love. Wonderful post to start the day with.

  3. Christine, this is the best…..we were in parallel universes at the same time, you & Stuart, Tom and me……and our story similar EXCEPT Tom DOES have brothers! 4 of them! All married to wonderful women, and we share family together through all these years. This is the BEST POST…..I LOVE looking at the pictures in different years. I’ve always loved the newspaper section of 50 yr anniversary couples showing the beginning and the now….and I always stare to see if I can coax out the stories over the years of these couples together…that will be US in 3 years. God willing.

  4. a wonderful time-piece collage of your love and devotion – truly moving and a True Romance. Thank you for sharing these personal mementos

  5. Christine, I think this sums up so much about successful marriages… “Perhaps I married a very patient and adaptable man, or maybe he chose the right woman to cope with all his idiosyncrasies” 😉 My wife is an Angel for putting up with my idosyncrasies!

    Lovely photographs to chart a life of joyful experience together 🙂

  6. Oh, Christine! I just loved reading this. And how fabulous to see the photos that chart the years. You brought a little tear to my eye, as we celebrated our 41st just last week and although it hasn’t always been a smooth road, I count myself blessed. I am so glad you shared so lovingly. All the best! Debra

    • so we have more than waterlilies in common debra … our road has not been smooth either, but i think all the struggles bring out the best in each other … i am sure i am a better person for our years together …. we will be 42 years married in may, hopefully in the northern territory on our way to the Kimberley 🙂

    • when he turned 40 he shaved it off … only shaved once tho, so it soon grew back … his mother used to beg him to shave so she could see his lovely face, but he was committed to a beard 🙂

  7. What a wonderful post, and collection of photos. So kind of you to share them, and warm us with the happy story. It’s interesting that the G.O. & I were having a conversation about ‘the right time’ a week or so ago, inspired by a look through his mother’s old photo box yielding photos of us spanning various settings and other people over the better part of 20 years… we’ve been together for 8 and a bit years but met early in 1990. Had we not spent the intervening years ‘sorting ourselves out’ I think we’d be just another photo in that box… The G.O. also has a beard but unlike you and Stuart, I’ve never seen him without it except in very old photos, and his mother also from time to time makes the same plea – shave it off so I can see your face 🙂

    • you made me laugh elladee … these men hiding their lovely faces from their dear old mothers! so glad you two are together and not just a photo in the box – funny how our lives intertwine with others, and we somehow become different people yet still the same if you know what i mean ??

      • I do know what you mean 🙂 At the time I saw the photos, it was quite gut wrenching to think of the years that might have been but considering it practically, rather than romantically, it would have been a disaster.
        The funniest part about the old photos was the G.O. was best man at my second wedding, and for years his mother had a lovely photo of him & my best friend Mrs S. who was bridesmaid (beyond that they had no relationship at the time but have now gone on to become great friends!) on her display cabinet… so it just gets more muddled…
        The G.O. had a short trimmed beard similar length to Stuart’s in the 2003 photo (& in a couple of the photos a vague resemblence) when we met, now it’s a longer bushy redneck beard – his grandkids call him Poppy Hairy!

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