First Lotus Bud

first lotus bud of 2013

first lotus bud of 2013

At last the first big buds have appeared on the red lotus in the dam. Soon the flowers will open, transforming a large part of the water surface into a glorious garden. Already the lily pond between the two dams is glowing with temperate waterlilies, better than ever due to the little solar pump that keeps the water level high despite evaporation. While the bigger dams drop in level the lily pond stays reasonably full, to the great relief of the lilies!


Indiana changes colour, from pale apricot through to orange-red


James Bryden is a strong pink


Baby Red sublime and prolific


Madame Wilfron Gonnère, simply stunning with pale green tips


Indiana when first open


Indiana a few days later


two of Chrom2, love how they stand up tall

this pretty yellow lily is called something like Chrom2, but I can't verify that at the moment

this pretty yellow lily is called something like Chrom2, but I can’t verify that at the moment

We are weeding the pond at present … that stirs up the muddy bottom, but the lilies gain by having more space and less competition. The house dam is covered with red azolla, which we are going to skim soon, to collect some for mulch and fertiliser for the garden. Visiting birds bring it on their legs, so it is inevitably arrives and thrives where there are nutrients. Despite our best efforts nutrients from the vegetable garden are sometimes washed into the dam, which is placed to catch them, and prevent any pollution of the creek and nearby lagoon. Hence red azolla finds the dam conducive to growth, and lucky birds such as ducks and moorhens feed on it.


27 thoughts on “First Lotus Bud

    • i remember living with snow in detroit when i was there for a year in 1967 …it is pretty at first then it becomes so dirty and slushy … so i am glad it is still falling in pittsburgh!

    • there are watergarden afficionados all over the world busy breeding new ones, it was hard for me to choose from an enormous catalogue when i bought them ….i love each one and would like room for more … but i think caring for one pond is enough!

  1. What gorgeous variety! I have a small pond with one water lily and one lotus. Last summer a raccoon ripped them to shreds trying to get to the fish! I am hoping they will return this spring and summer and not be set back too far in their development. I’ll have to see. But yours are just spectacular! I’m glad you shared the photos. You’ve given me a little spring fever! 🙂

    • hi debra, i really hope your lotus and waterlily are fine .. they do grow up from their very resilient roots so dont worry too much … you must post a photo in spring! blessings, christine xx

  2. Beautiful photos and flowers. I’ve often thought about putting lotus or some sort of waterlilies in our pond, but hesitate because they have a tendency to take over. At least they would be prettier than most of the pond weeds. 🙂

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