Lace Monitor

beautiful colours on the lace monitor

beautiful colours on the lace monitor

Giant Lace Monitors (Varanus varius), commonly known as goannaslive in our bushland. They eat rabbits, insects, birds, bird’s eggs and other small animals. When a goanna is climbing a tree birds all flock around, making a loud noise, trying to drive it away. Yesterday a beauty was passing the house, curious about the smell of chicken manure, which of course could have been some tasty carrion. We were top-dressing a patch of grass, and fertilising the fruit trees. Luckily our WWOOF-er Reinier saw the goanna and followed it at a safe distance, until it went up a tree. He kept watch while I went to get the camera. This one was not full grown, only about 1.8 metres, but very impressive to a young Dutchman, who watched in awe as the goanna opened its mouth to warn us away. We took our photos and left it in peace.

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25 thoughts on “Lace Monitor

  1. Great photos. I’m glad you WWOOF-er got to see an Aussie icon 🙂 I’m always happy seeing humans & wildlife co-exist, and that it never ceases to be special. We had a goanna wander through the backyard while we were on holidays, and snapped a few photos, a friend just put a ‘goanna in my backyard’ image on Facebook, and another a link to a You Tube clip of a goanna opportunistically ‘cleaning’ an unattended bbq plate…

  2. I always love to look at the markings on lizards and (even) snakes and this fellow is gorgeously arrayed as you say! Lucky capture, especially for Reinier!

    PS. Can’t seem to make a comment on your Wood post over on the other blog. Just wanted to say how i enjoyed I the segue into a plea for the sustainable use of our natural resources! Oh, and yes, the pictures too, though I couldn’t decide which … the covered bridge maybe, or the cello? 🙂

    • you can just imagine how he marches along surprisingly fast, hurrying past the house and heading back into the bush … they use termite nests to lay their eggs in .. the heat helps the eggs hatch … and our neighbours have the perfect spot so they see more goannas than we do 🙂

  3. What a fabulous creature! We only have little lizards here – in the summer and they are just wonderful. For this reason we don’t have a cat or dog because we don’t like to upset them. The same goes for our birds and other wildlife.

  4. Oh, no. I love your bird pictures, but this fellow is not my cup of tea. If I stumbled across him on a walk I think I might be traumatized forever. When I walk in the woods here in Pennsylvania, my biggest surprise is a chipmunk. 🙂

  5. Sweet! Looks very similar to a Komodo Dragon! I was in the reptile house at our local zoo… no one else was there at the time; my wife and mother-in-law refused to go in… as they don’t like reptiles! While I was looking at a lethargic huge Komodo… a zoo curator opened a trap door and threw in a whole, dead, feathered chicken. The Komodo suddenly became super-active and, after gobbling up the chicken, it searched the rest of its enclosure very actively… looking for more! They are truly dinosaur-like!

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