All the fun of the Show

Moruya is a middle-sized town, with a population of just over 10,000 and a shire-wide population of 37,000. The agricultural show is held every year in January, one of the early shows on the circuit that culminates in the Royal Easter Show in Sydney in a few months time. There are all the usual events of course. Various friends took out prizes in the cake baking, quilting, photography, and produce sections of the show. Sadly the first day of the show was that last scorcher, so all the fruits, flowers and vegetables looked as if they had been grilled when we saw them on Saturday. But the action was in the showring, where we were just in time for the Lawn Mower Racing!

modified lawn mowers driven by youngsters racing  at the Moruya Show

modified lawn mowers driven by youngsters racing at the Moruya Show

It was quite thrilling to watch a young woman named Taylor racing on Termownator speeding around the track, daringly overtaking the men and boys, and taking out several races. Some mowers conked out, one flipped over! Here are some on their way out of the ring.

Taylor on Terminator

Taylor on Termownator

youngsters joined the wild races!

youngsters joined the wild races!

There were the usual slew of dressed up people, this one was Harold promoting health with balloons and information.

Harold the health giraffe

Harold the health giraffe

and no need to describe this fellow! IMG_8591

The usual disgusting food was available too, anything fat and salty, or possibly sweet. IMG_8596Don’t miss the background in this shot …. and here is the bite! IMG_8600

Our young Dutch Wwoofer enjoyed it all. I will save the horse jumping for tomorrow … but here is some of the carnival. IMG_8601

IMG_8643IMG_8605The swimming mice seemed popular, goodness knows how it works! Do you know? We went home after visiting the animal nursery, produce, art, photography and chickens … a good afternoon of wholesome fun (if you did not eat anything!)

24 thoughts on “All the fun of the Show

  1. I used to love the show – ours was a Springtime show, early October, I think. The big question among us girls was whether we’d get to show off our new summer clothes or we’d be forced to make one final public appearance in our woolies! Mum wasn’t a good cook, and anyway I think she and Papa thought it wouldn’t be right for her to enter her roses or whatever (he being Shire President most of my life), so we had to dress up, you see, and inspect all the exhibits. Papa got to preside over the ring events, which was more fun, but we certainly never had lawnmowing competitions or things suitable for kids, except the pony club, and the animal farmers’ kids showing off the livestock. Otherwise, looks like not much has changed – except for packaged fairy floss! Great post Christine – looking forward to the next instalment. (And to your entering the photography competition next year 🙂 )

    • brought back some memories …. for me too … the childhood experiences at country shows! i remember entering a saucer of flowers, arranging them decoratively … it was fun 🙂 the carnival looks much more worn now, it was so glamourous when i was a child!

  2. I love country shows. Your photos are great 🙂 We try to be up north to go to Macksville Show each year. We both love the wood chopping, and the food hall to see who has entered what. and I love tasting the goodies the show committee turn out (not Dagwood Dogs although I loved them also when I was younger). When we move there, I have a dream of entering produce or baked goods etc in the competitions… and winning of course 🙂

    • i am sure you will elladee, and the locals will be so grateful that you join and help keep the old traditons going 🙂 i used to watch the woodchopping at the Sydney Royal, but we don’t have it here as far as i know … the horses are always good to watch too …

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