Frizzled and Frazzled

Yesterday was hot, just normally hot until about midday, then excruciatingly hot. Sydney recorded its hottest day since records began, with 46.4 degrees C at the airport. We thought we might escape the worst down here (five hours south) but no. Hot winds brought temperatures up to 44.8 at 2:30pm. Birds really struggled, sitting exhausted, beaks open, in whatever shade they could find. Two butcher birds found shelter under the fig tree where we had filled a birdbath. We had the drippers on in the garden, and a dish of water under the huge lime tree. Friends lost baby chickens they were rearing as meat birds, other friends hosed their birds down twice in the afternoon and they survived. Gardens were frizzled, even the waterlilies in the pond were burnt. Our wicking beds coped best of all, where plants had deep roots down into a moist bottom layer. Today we woke to smoke again, and helicopters clattering overhead on their way between a fire further south, and Moruya Airport just to our north. So think of us when you enjoying the snow and ice …. send a few cool thoughts this way please!


31 thoughts on “Frizzled and Frazzled

    • thank you kris, all that cool air is welcome! things are so different today, heavy cloud, cool southerly breeze …. if only there were no other signs of yesterday we could hardly believe it happened!

  1. I’m shivering in my dressing gown at 10 am, too cold to move and debating a stay home day. I’ll happily send some cool in exchange for some heat 🙂 stay safe Christine.

  2. Since it’s our winter, we don’t have these heat/fire cycles now, but I know them well! We do have them each and every fall. And they’re frighteningly oppressive. I will send my thoughts to you for a cooling breeze. It really is a “particular” heat you’re describing that is much more than just rising temperatures. I hope it doesn’t last long at all!!

    • thanks for your cooling thoughts debra .. the monsoon has just arrived over northern australia (very late) so we should not have any more frighteningly high temperatures … the moist air will cool things down a bit 🙂

  3. Sounds bad – you’re making me think back to our miserably hot destructive weather last July! I hope things cool down soon, and you get some rain to discourage the fires and help the plants and animals survive.

    It’s hovering around freezing here in New Jersey, and you’re welcome to come help yourself to our chilliness if you’ll leave just a bit of heat in exchange. 🙂

  4. Those are hot by even our standards Dadirri! The mercury touches those numbers just for a few days during mid May! And boy, do I know how it feels……my sympathies 🙂

  5. Its been dreadful 😦 not as hot up here but the humidity is a killer .. I dont miss the week of 40+ Perth gets each year … At least we now have a cool change… Hoping you get one real soon too 🙂 stay safe 🙂

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