Black Swans

black swans on Meringo lagoon

black swans on Meringo lagoon

A few mornings ago I walked along our beach, through the rocky headland onto the neighbouring beach at Meringo. I wanted to visit Meringo ICOLL with early morning light illuminating the varied birds who gather there. I found a way to penetrate the bushland and made my way towards the end of the lagoon, where a family of Red-capped Plover was playing chasings. The adults and young seemed to take turns rushing at each other and dashing away, no doubt important training for the youngsters. I was so intrigued I failed to notice a group of swans swimming back from the end of the lagoon on a trajectory right past me. Too late I saw them and aimed the camera … it was a great shot of the tail end of one bird taking off and the head of the next bird … they wanted to keep a good distance from me. I stayed on the northern shore and all the swans, ducks, cormorants, and pelicans swam determinedly for the southern shore! I sat very still, under cover, but nothing changed. So here are a few photos, it was not quite a wipeout!

21 thoughts on “Black Swans

  1. The flock of swans is stunningly beautiful with their vibrant bills and dark plumage. I’m surprised to see so many together. In the US, our white Mute Swans stick to small family groups and are usually quite territorial. But immature birds (first 3 years or so) form bachelor pods until they are ready to select a mate and find a territory the male can defend.

    Our northern latitude birds are so dull compared to your birds, Christine. I suppose I should be grateful. If I was surrounded with yours, I’d be unable to earn a living. I’d spend my days watching them and exploring your incredible region. I enjoy every photo you share with us.

    • hi doug, well i am pleased you enjoy our birds .. maybe one day you might come over and watch them here with us! meanwhile i love to see your ducks and swans and other creatures on the millpond … i am sure you know of the theory that birds evolved here and spread to the rest of the world (for example so we tend to have a better mix than elsewhere .. thanks so much for your kind comments on my very poor pictures of the birds in the lagoon … i will try again! christine xx

    • yes fifi would be at home ….. the bushland is thick along the side of the lagoon, but a vehicle track runs a bit further away … i followed it for a while then cut across the paddock and bush into the lagoon, and going out i had to be a bit more intrepid … a bit of bush-bashing involved then! on the other side private properties run down to the water, it looks easier to get in that way…

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