that feeling of separation … where does it come from? here is an inspiring view on Oneness 😀

Vanishing Narrative

Space doesn’t stop…. anywhere.

That’s not what it feels like, though.

In the dream of the separate self,
space definitely seems to stop.

Space feels like it stops at the skin.

So, if space feels like it stops at the skin,
then all that stuff happening
in the space “Out There”
must affect someone “In Here”.

“In Here” feels more or less like a continuing,
solid object
which moves through space,
but is not really a part of space.

“In Here” stays separate from “Out There”.

Someone “In Here” decides how to respond
to things happening “Out There”.

And many of us so believe, unexamined, for our whole lives,
carrying around our little imaginary force field,
surrounding the body,
keeping us separate.

There’s a problem with this bit of mental gymnastics.

Space is not a material.

It cannot be deflected by the skin,
or anything else in the world.


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      • It’s like shooting arrows in the dark, when you can’t even see the target…;-)

        I lead a sit on Wednesday evenings. The most challenging things for people to hear ( it seems) are the most simple. [ and the most obvious from where am currently sitting…]

        • i agree … thanks for your blog … always encouraging … i keep to simple things but i wonder when i will say more … strange since i woke up i have almost lost interest in ‘spiritual’ things, i might come around to them from a different angle … so much that is said makes no sense any more 🙂

    • hooray! it was through his very quiet thoughtful posts that i found the links that brought the end of my spiritual search and the realisation that we are all the One … in the sense that there is no separate me … a very peaceful place to be 🙂

    • so glad for the timely reblog … the realisation that “i” am not “christine” but everyone and everything, or just vast spaciousness, changes our perspective enormously, nothing can be lost or separated from the whole 🙂 christine is always relearning/remembering this too … sharing love 🙂

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