Hot and Tired

drooping in the heatwave

drooping in the heatwave

The whole of NSW has suffered extreme heat in the last few days, with more to come. Residents have prepared their bushfire plans, taken all precautions and now wait hopefully until danger has passed. Temperatures in the centre of Australia have gone off the scale, rising to over 50 degrees Celcius (122F), and here on the south coast we had over 40 degrees on Tuesday, with strong hot winds. We watered our garden and orchards as well as we could, but some fruit trees have suffered, especially figs. In the garden we watched the giant sunflower wilting. It’s head is heavy now as the seeds mature, so it bent and its great leaves drooped. We are still watering today in preparation for more heat to come, and no rain predicted. We are a little hot and tired, but so well off compared with many Tasmanians who lost their houses in wild bushfires this week.


28 thoughts on “Hot and Tired

  1. Please be safe! I hope there is some relief for you soon. We had a miserably hot, dangerously dry summer here, so I really feel for you and your plants!

  2. I listen and watch the news every day. There just isn’t a chance for cooler weather. When they show where all the fires are it looks as if the whole of Australia is burning. I hope the weather turns around soon.

    • it does not bear thinking about … bad enough with water on hand … resting up and drinking iced green juice right now, will go swimming later when it cools a little ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks for your thoughts jude! the weather is milder now and rain predicted next friday, so things have a chance to recover … we have birds at the bird bath, bushfire debris on the beach, and smoke haze still in the air … very sobering

  3. We went through a terrible drought this summer and high temperatures..but NOTHING like what youโ€™re having…stay safe and prayers for relief are sent your way..

  4. Oh myโ— never in my days have I experienced such heat. By all means, be careful and stay safe. I hope you can feel this case of (fantasy) ice for your relief.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Prayers and Reiki love to Mother Earth in Australia and the peoples, animals, lands and waters. May gentleness cover your homelands, and soothing breeze temper and release the heat, bringing relief to all. Amen.

    • dea sue, you will be so pleased to know the weather has turned mild, we had hours of gentle rain last night, so your healing prayers and reiki worked a treat … this morning they say they are now working on extinguishing several of the fires, rather than trying for containment … thank dear friend!

  6. glad to hear you are safe…stay safe
    Today they predicted rain for Christchurch and hopefully that will bring relief for the fires down there…that city has been through enough

    • heat returning today, but not as bad, only 34C expected here, even so we are at ‘extreme’ fire danger today, so taking care, the garden and trees have been well soaked, and our bushfire plan is to hand ๐Ÿ™‚

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