A Day in the World

adaySometime in December 2011 I heard about a project to have photographers all over the world take photos on a particular day, and publish them on a website. aday.org was initiated by Expressions of Humankind Foundation, in Sweden. I registered, and on the appointed day, May 15th, I found it was a very quiet one for me, no yoga classes or craniosacral clients, not even a trip to town for the mail. So all my photos were of the home, the bushland and beach around, the birds and other creatures. I submitted ten, as suggested. Altogether aday received over 100,000 photos from 165 countries! Later I received an email saying one of my photos had been selected for publication in the book. That was a surprise, and even more surprising, it was the photo of me naked in the bathroom after my morning shower. Oh dear!!

in the bathroom with camera, 15th May 2012

in the bathroom with camera, 15th May 2012

I was so busy concentrating on the reflection of the tiles and shelf in the mirror that I forgot to smile! So what I wanted to tell you is that the book arrived last week. It is the most beautiful moving photography book you have ever seen, with amazing 1000 photos from all over the world. Some take a whole page, others are tiny, all are wonderful, some breathtaking. I found a sense of awe rising within me as Iooked through, all those many many people in so very many situations all over the world on 15th May 2012. Some giving birth, others near the end of life, a window cleaner on a huge Beijing skyscraper snapped by someone who was in a board meeting, a Russian accordion ensemble, footballers in Morocco, a fish market in Kuala Lumpur, uproar on the West Bank, and so on. It gives a sense of how we are all the same, living our lives, busy and quiet, happy and sad, present and distracted. All human beings. Do have a look at it on the aday site, where they describe the book as a visually spellbinding record of our time. To see my page click the link here: A day Inlaga MASTER 120702 CD (dragen) (1)

This post is the perfect A story for Frizztext’s challenge Tagged A which is your chance to tell a story with A in the tagline!

41 thoughts on “A Day in the World

    • thanks a heap sharechair ….i had no idea what would come of it, i thought i might have a few small images on the website … so it was a nice surprise 🙂

    • she looks like an amazingly talented women, thanks for directing me! i am honoured to be on a par with her in your view … i will look at her site more closely soon … soul collage sounds tempting!!!

  1. That’s amazing. years ago Australi adid a similar thing and the book: A Day in the Life of Australia was born…it is such a treasue of a book. So I can imagine this one is just as great. Well done.

  2. It is a beautful picture. It shows an honest, pure facial expression that we can all relate when we look into the mirror. I admire you for showing both your vulnerability and strength in one picture. A priceless photo. Congratulations. Wishing you and your family an amazing 2013.

  3. You are the first person I’ve found on here who also took part in the project, and I love your photo. It was a rainy day here and my photos were just local stuff. i never really went back to check out the entries- life got in the way (again), but I will do so now. Congrats!

  4. It would be lovely if they did that project again now that more of us know about it. What a wonderful idea. And you were so brave with that bathroom shot!

    • yes jude, i would like to do it again too, perhaps it will happen …. i hope the goal of improving understanding around the world is successful … i did not think about the bathroom shot, just thought of taking photos of each activity of the day … saw the mirror and thought ‘why not?’ … then i saw that it looked ok so included it with the others 🙂

  5. I’m checking out the site to see about ordering; I have a friend in Texas whose daughter had a very unique blog years ago; she took a photo a day to chronicle her life; they were most intriguing and creative photos; ONE of the photos she took on the night they (her mom and her) entered her father into a Care home; he needed the care, but was feeling fine that night; he joked with the nurse, said good night to them; Beth’s Photo of the day was her father’s slippers neatly lined up under his bed. He died during the night. The photo spoke volumes.

    • What a wonderful idea for a book. Love your photo. Oddly enough, I don’t even remember the photo you are talking about in your comment. Maybe I blocked it out… I do remember one of him standing in his new doorway. I looked at it a few months ago and was amazed at how much he’d aged at the end. Once again helped me realize it was his time to go.

  6. I suppose young women and people with low self-esteem smile at themselves in the mirror – the rest of the world regards themselves or the part they’re working on with equanimity. It’s a wonderful ‘everyday’ shot and I’m off to look at the book but first, just let us know there are no fires down your way Christine … Best wishes 🙂

    • no fires close by, Brogo is about an hour and a bit away south, and Wandandian about an hour and half north … still it was an horrendously hot day … and more to come in a few days … meanwhile this morning is deliciously cool 🙂 thanks for your thoughtful comments on the photo, i like the idea of equanimity in the mirror!

    • robin, that is such a lovely thing to say … i really cant see why myself, so i am heartened to have your feedback …. it is such an honour to be in the book with so many fantastic photos from all over the world … of course most by professionals .. the whole thing is still a bit unbelievable! thanks for your feedback!

  7. Thanks to my mom pointing out that I was mentioned in a comment on this point, I now own this wonderful book. Christine, I completely understand why your photo was chosen – it fits in perfectly with the vision of the book. It’s amazing to see how both different and similar life is around the world. The contrasts can be as startling as the similarities are comforting. Thanks for leading me to this book – I’m sure I’ll notice and be given new things to think about each time I pick it up.

  8. You can be very pleased with the photo of you in the book. It’s lovely and honest. Congratulations on becoming part of history. Future generations will look at that wonderful image and sense the beauty of that day and time.

    • I hope you see the book Doug, it is amazing … full of powerful and tender images, a wonderful slice of life in the world on that day! Thanks for your encouraging comment, it means a lot to me coming from an artist and photographer of your ability. Christine xx

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