Little Egret

Little Egret fishing

Little Egret fishing

This Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) was fishing in Meringo ICOLL this morning. We saw his darting movements from afar, as he walked through the shallow water, then raised his wings to create a shadow on the water and dashed quickly towards the fish. Sorry to say the photos showing these movements were not good enough to share! Can you see the fine feathers,ribbon-like head plumes this bird is wearing in the breading season? It was a gloriously sunny late morning, with perfect little surf and a gentle breeze. What a shame our visitors have gone home after three days of wind and rain!!

Meringo Lagoon this morning

Meringo Lagoon this morning


20 thoughts on “Little Egret

    • i only get a good one by using the superzoom camera, just a cheapie unlike the big expensive zoom lenses people use with slr cameras … it works really well for birds … have fun at Exmouth, hope it is not raining!

  1. He’s gorgeous, and i’m delighted to see he’s got his feather cap on to go a courting!

    Sorry to hear about the rain, but it was you they came to spend time with, though a bit dire for the kids, I suppose 🙂

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