Santa at the Fireshed

Yesterday Bingie residents with young children gathered at the fire shed to see Santa Claus and sing carols. It was enormous fun for all ages, with all the usual unforeseen events providing entertainment and laughter. Children played as the skies thundered and rain threatened, no doubt keeping less trepid families at home. Then the little ones were gathered in a circle and older ones gathered around, heartily singing carols from the Very Bingie Christmas songsheet, including the Australian version of Jingle Bells (oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden ute!). The Volunteer Bushfire Brigade members were busy cooking sausages on the BBQ, when (supposedly) a troublesome pack of vegetarian sausages caused a fire, and the singing of Twelve Days of Christmas was weakened just a little as we all turned to see the flames threatening to set fire to the shed.  Eventually Santa arrived on top of the big red firetruck, talked loudly to the children about tidying their rooms so he did not fall over their toys, and threw out some sweets, then distributed gifts from his red sack, and finally posed for some Santa hugs and photos. Enjoy the slideshow by clicking on any image! This post is part of Jake’s Christmas challenge

13 thoughts on “Santa at the Fireshed

  1. Well a fire truck is good for when the reindeer are tired! Lovely to see your family and I hope you get to skype your Parisians! Merry Christmas and a super new year 🙂

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