Christmas Crinum

I woke to a hot sunny day, but now the sea mist has rolled in and we are draped in cool moist air. Our Canberra family is on the way for the Christmas visit, the local family will be here too tonight, the beginning of three days of celebrations and feasting. Maybe we will hook up with the Parisians for a video chat too!

crinum lilies

crinum lilies

Santa is visiting the Bingie Fire Shed this afternoon, I will post some photos for you when I can. Needless to say there has been some adjustments to the costume, and much behind the scenes planning, but it should all be a marvel to the youngsters and their families who will come along to sing carols and chat to Santa, and maybe even eat a sausage from the BBQ afterwards.

part of santa's kit

part of santa’s kit

I am making summer pudding for us to enjoy after the BBQ … it promises to be a fun-filled day! Meanwhile some of you noticed I tried out a new theme for dadirridreaming, but had to revert to 2011 when the other one caused some major glitches with the computer … I think it is designed for newer systems than mine. I will keep trying after the holidays.





6 thoughts on “Christmas Crinum

  1. It all sounds blissful Christine. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without family – especially children – about! I’ve decided not to ‘do’ Christmas this year and am about to take myself off to a hotel in the city for three days. I’m thinking I’ll take advantage of the absence of traffic to do some city photo shoots, and wander around to a couple of the big churches to take shots of their Christmas decorations, and congregations, culminating in a slap-up dinner out on Christmas night.

    The crinums look wonderful – especially the banner shot 🙂 Sorry you had problems with your new theme. When I changed I had a few teething problems – so give it another try in the new year, when you have some time. Happy Christmas, again 🙂

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