Recycling, Music and Life

Have you seen this wonderful story? A Christmas-mood story of hope and joy, of lives changed, of good for all. If you sometimes think that we have trashed the Earth, that we are living in a time of extreme division between those who have and those who have not, then let this be a ray of light to encourage and inspire you.

10 thoughts on “Recycling, Music and Life

  1. Will have to come back to it Christine – not enough bandwidth to buffer anything complicated like a video – just viewing posts and replying is trying my equanimity to the limits! I hope the hotel’s internet provider is better than mine, which is obviously not coping with all the ‘foreigners’ making Skype video calls back home 😦

    • you are welcome robin, there are several other orchestras using recycled/junk instruments, it is so inspiring to see people’s creativity … gives me hope for the future 😀

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