Berry Picking and Bees

Here in the southern hemisphere it is berry time, although recent cool cloudy weather has slowed them down a little. We drove up to the Clyde River Berry Farm on Tuesday to pick blueberries, and a small amount of boysenberries and tay berries. A kindergarten group were picnicking before their picking fun, young voices rang out musically through the berry rows as we filled our buckets. We picked enough to freeze for the months ahead, they last so well in small packs just right for the morning cereal or an after-dinner snack. Although the drive in involves quite a bit of unsealed road it winds through spectacular forest, a joy of its own, and that is where we found the bee hives, stacked unceremoniously on their pallets by the side of the road. The bees did not mind this lack of romance, but were busy gathering from the gum blossom in the tall trees, and the smell of honey filled our car in the few moments I had the window open to take a photo.

forest road

masses of fruit, not all ripe

tall blueberry bushes

tall blueberry bushes


ripe berries


forest road


and a quote reminding us of the powerful good in blueberries (thanks to

‘Simple,’ Tummeler replied.’ Blueberries is one of the great forces o’good in the world.’
‘How do you figure that?’ said Charles. 
‘Well,’ said Tummeler, ‘have you ever seen a troll, or a Wendigo, or,’ he shuddered, ‘a Shadow-Born ever eating a blueberry pie?’
‘No,’ Charles admitted. 
‘There y’go,’ said Tummeler. ‘It’s cause they can’t stand the goodness in it.’ 
James A Owen
There Be Dragons.


26 thoughts on “Berry Picking and Bees

  1. What a lovely relaxing day! I didn’t know blueberry bushes grew so big, we have a little one in the garden and it gives a surprising amount of fruit, so I wonder why the fruit is so expensive to buy here 😦 like £2 for 125 grams.

    • it was a gorgeous day, and the reward of so many affordable blueberries in the freezer will last for months … they are normally very expensive here too $5-6 for 125g which puts us off … we tried to grow them but no success … so you are doing well gilly!

  2. I love berries. Your walk through the forest of trees looks wonderful. Now I understand what’s in those crates honey bees in the forest are just where they should be. (smile) I don’t like bees.


    • i understand about not liking bees, the fear of being stung! i have always loved them, but have not had my own bees … i ‘rescue’ them when they land on the beach and carry them back to the bushland … i bet you like honey francine 🙂

    • you must be vibrant with life bluebee …. the berry farm is open all year, although what you pick in winter is a mystery ….if you ever come this way you could wander out there and enjoy the scenery … a lovely place to picnic 🙂

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