Fan-tailed Cuckoo

It is early summer here in the southern hemisphere, and cuckoos are appearing on the south coast.

stunned Fan-tailed Cuckoo

stunned Fan-tailed Cuckoo

This Fan-tailed Cuckoo (Cacomantis flabelliformis) flew into our window a few days ago. It lost quite a few feathers, but after resting for two or three hours it flew off again. When a bird is stunned I spray Ausflowers Emergency Essence onto my hands, gather it up and place it in a basket covered by a light cloth. When the bird is sufficiently recovered it flies off of it’s own volition.

Cuckoo in the garden

The same bird appeared in the garden yesterday, flying close to the terrace, keeping an eye on me. I was just about to capture a better shot when it flew away across the dam. Maybe it came back to say ‘thank you’? Actually the Fan-tailed Cuckoo eats hairy caterpillars, so the real reason it was in the garden was probably as a friendly pest-remover!


15 thoughts on “Fan-tailed Cuckoo

    • I am amazed that you dont have cuckoos over there … i thought they were all over the globe! PS I think your book is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully done, inspiring!!!

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