Sooty Tern

This is breeding season for the Sooty Terns (Onichoprion fuscata) who nest on Lord Howe Island. Yesterday we watched flocks of adults and non-breeding birds on Blinky Beach.

It was fun trying to capture their effortless flight and dramatic landings on the sand and dune grasses.

This morning we walked across the island to a rookery on rocky cliffs near Middle Beach, where speckled chicks sat waiting for their parents to return with food. At first it was very difficult to distinguish the birds against the dark rocks, but gradually I began to see them. Here is an adult and chick, captured in the moment between grooming sessions. Isn't the camouflage wonderful?

The internet here is excruciatingly slow, so I can't visit your blogs until we are home again on the weekend, but thanks so much for your comments and likes! With luck I will have another few birds to share before then πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Sooty Tern

  1. Sooty Terns always looked like they’re dressed for a formal dinner, and considering the occasion very seriously. The chicks, like all, are gorgeous πŸ™‚ Lovely of you to persevere with the slow internet and share the pics with us – thanks.

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