Back on Lord Howe

We flew out of Sydney this morning, leaving stifling heat and drizzle behind as we cruised above the cloud in a little Dash 8 on the trip to Lord Howe Island.

Stuart has been invited back to run some art workshops this week. We skirted around the cloud and came in for a speedy and rather turbulent landing as gusts of wind ricocheted off Mount Gower and buffeted the plane.

The art workshops are to be at Ned's Beach where there is a shelter and water tank, not to mention stunning scenery.

We hired bikes and pedalled around to check it out this afternoon. As usual there were beautiful fish patrolling the shallows, waiting for fish food, which can be bought from a dispenser at the beach. They are large and small, drummer, mackerel, neighbour fish, giant trevally and more.

We hired snorkels and flippers using the honour system, and spent a marvellous hour along the shore and drifting over the coral reef.

Later in the afternoon we walked on the beach along the lagoon, crunching through the coral sand. Mount Gower was still wreathed in cloud, lit by the sun low in the western sky.

It was a very nice day!


11 thoughts on “Back on Lord Howe

  1. What a surprise to find you on Lord Howe! I’m so happy for you both that Stewart’s painting has landed you this happy opportunity. And what a fantastic time you’re having, by the look of things. 🙂

    • internet here is very slow, it took about 30 mins to upload that post … so after today i might stick to one photo!!! can barely check email …. violent weather again but clearing later in the week 🙂

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