Recycled Junk Art

My talented and gorgeous daughter-in-law has been working in our community to encourage recycling …. one outcome was a series of ReVive workshops for artists help at the municipal waste centre. You have seen some of her jewelry before; check out her website with more on the ReVive exhibition too. Last night an exhibition of works was opened in Moruya, all exciting and inspiring!


a noisy crowd filled the Mechanic’s Institute hall

Here is the winning artist, Nat Curnow with his Horse Puppet, made from recycled oregon beam found in a skip, and discarded horsehair. The works were extraordinarily varied, and speakers reminded us of the challenge and opportunity in reusing materials. One amazing piece  was made of an old lobster pot, covered with balls of tangled fishing line, and a few tiny colourful bits of plastic that had also washed up onto the beach. Others included the wonderful metal shark called Submarine, by Brett Martin. All of the pieces were extraordinary, I will try to share more pictures with you soon. 




Another metal piece made a big impression: Pyramid was made using timber, metal, pot rivets and paint. Seen here with the artist Brett Martin, who says “I construct and re-assemble outcast materials from a conventional past and give them an alternative future.”I will share some of the soft works in the next post! The ReVive exhibition is at the Mechanics Institute this weekend only, open from 10-4pm daily.


13 thoughts on “Recycled Junk Art

  1. What an exceptional concept for an exhibition. I would just love to attend! I really like the pyramid piece. Your daughter-in-law sounds very intelligent and socially conscious…and creative on top of it! 🙂

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