Slow Cooking: 60 minute eggs

Spring has brought lots of growth; we are mowing and collecting grass to compost and provide nutrients for our vegetable garden. The warm weather (at last) is helping, and the new compost stack is steaming. Stuart read about slow cooking, or cooking in compost, and decided to try 60 minute eggs. The temperature in the compost was 63 degrees centigrade, that is about 145.4 fahrenheit. We placed two eggs into a plastic bag (next time we will try foil) and buried them in the compost. Then we prepared our vegetables and salads to be ready one hour later. However when we tried one egg it was under-cooked, so we reburied the second one, and waited another 50 minutes, saving some of the food to eat with the second egg.

As promised the egg had a very unusual and wonderful texture, evenly cooked throughout, the yolk and white were soft silky and delicious. You can see the difference in the photos, a soft white quite unlike a boiled or poached egg, with a viscous almost custardy yolk. It was a gourmet treat, and we don’t plan to cook our breakfast eggs like this every morning. Our accompaniments were seaweed salad made from kelp gathered on the beach with loads of ginger and sesame oil, fresh Parris Island cos lettuce and rocket, wilted broccoli greens and braised yellow and green zucchinis with white onion, and a slice each of home made sourdough. Hmmm, not bad!!! (To see the photos better click on any one of them and scroll through).

21 thoughts on “Slow Cooking: 60 minute eggs

  1. The original slow cooker,what a brilliant idea. It reminds me of many years ago when I did a pottery class. I made a very small finger bowl and it was fired for at least week in a dustbin. It came out black and very shiny.

  2. Your homegrown feast looks and sounds amazing – the texture of the eggs, not quite runny not quite solid is remarkable… and as I don’t like eggs too runny or too cooked, eggs slow cooked is worth bearing in mind… but the salads you’ve put together are what really take my fancy… yum 🙂

    • that was the first i had heard of it too …. my husband with his interest in sustainability and alternative technology is always coming up with new/old wonderful ways of doing things 😀

  3. I have a compost pile going. I, sadly enough, have about six eggs that never got eaten and now they have gone bad. I know that I can put the egg shells in the compost but does anyone know if it is alright to put the whole egg in the compost ? Thanks !

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