Juicy Good Health

For many years I have enjoyed juice fasts … usually for three days at a time … during which I make fresh juice to drink, plus consume lots of water, and potassium broth. I also make a detox tea, or drink herbal teas, and when I start to eat again I am feeling absolutely wonderful. Obviously this would not suit everyone, but it works wonders for me.

Here is the juicer, a slow screw juicer, which I love. I have prepared carrots, some from our market friends, the red ones from our garden plus ginger, apple and a huge stalk of celery also from the garden. Usually I have a lot more greens, but this is what I felt like this morning.

Juicing the apples and celery is easy, the carrots and ginger require a little more pushing.

At the end of the process my delicious sweet juice is a rather yucky colour (much prettier without the greens), and the remains of the vegetables are perfect for feeding the worms.

Do you like juicing too? Would you like recipes for detox tea or potassium broth? I have made a post of the recipes, you can find them here.

14 thoughts on “Juicy Good Health

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing a 3-day juice fast. It’s been a long time since I last did one, and I feel as though I need it. Would love the recipe for your tea and the potassium broth, both of which you may have already posted. I am so far behind (and stating the obvious…lol!).

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