Local Food

Two of our young friends have spent the year developing an organic market garden by the Moruya River.

In their market garden, with one of the hens

They are part of the SAGE group, whose main mission is to “grow the growers”.

market stall, 8am

Until thirty years ago the rich Moruya flood plain was an abundant food bowl, growing corn, potatoes, beans and more, supplying not only local demand but also sending food up the coast to Sydney. The changes made by the false economy of broad-scale chemical dependant agriculture and cheap subsidised fuel meant local food became a thing of the past, until recently.

Several significant organic growers have been supplying the markets and local restaurants for a few years now. They helped to train our friends, who launched their market stall on Saturday. They were amazed at the interest their fresh organic local produce created, and that was on their first day!

and by 9 am people were queuing!

Our friends had to pop up the road to their garden to pull more carrots … but it is only 500 metres from the market. You can’t get more local that that! Several other SAGE members are moving into production too. A very exciting and hopeful time here on the South Coast as wholesome fresh food becomes more available to all.

10 thoughts on “Local Food

  1. I think this is wonderful, and having a SAGE group as mentors makes sense, so people who want to become growers can learn and benefit from others’ expertise and not make mistakes that can be expensive & demoralising. Love the images of your friends & their market stall 🙂

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