Life is just too Big right now

There was a challenge last week, to find a photo depicting Big …. well I found one then, but have not been able to do the post. I ask myself why? Since we arrived home from our long overseas trip life has been very big, so much to pay attention to, that I have not been able to settle into the same routine of posting that I had before. I find prospective posts drifting through my awareness but cannot bring myself to sit at the computer and materialise them! I will give you a few reasons, after I show you the photo that has been patiently sitting on the desktop for a week.

While travelling we spent many hours in planes …our flight from Australia to Europe was 8 hours to Singapore, three hours in transit then just over 12 hours to Amsterdam. Some of that time I gazed out over the gigantic wing, or walked up and down the aisles of the plane, all the time marvelling that we were in a huge metal beast racing through the air above the clouds, arcing around the globe. Some aeroplanes are really big, such as the A380 Airbus, which sadly we only experienced on the Sydney Singapore legs of the trip, and for some reason I did not photograph! Here is an image from the Singapore Airlines website:

When we got back my computer was not working properly, and it took ten days to get new discs from Apple to update the operating system. That made everything difficult! As well as that there will a retreat here next weekend, so we have a lot of preparation to do, but that is not what stops me from posting. I have loads of photographs from the trip that must be sorted and stored safely, and some I want to send away to make into a photo book. Somehow that is not done yet either! As soon as we returned my yoga classes recommenced, I had craniosacral clients, and needed to catch up with people. The hardest thing is wanting to write to everyone we stayed with overseas and send them photos, and/or write something nice about them on a travel website! So with too much to do, very little gets done!!! Life is just too big right now, so forgive me for not visiting your blogs or even maintaining my own, I promise things will improve after the retreat. At least I hope so.



19 thoughts on “Life is just too Big right now

  1. Yes, those planes are so big; one wonders how ‘on earth’ they manage to get up there. 🙂 Sorry about your computer problems. I’ll still be here when you get back. Have a great weekend, Christine.

  2. Dear Christine, I, too, have fallen out of my regular rhythm for posting blogs and they are still as important as ever; I, too, find some slipping by in consciousness, yet not getting onto the computer file. There are a few reasons. It doesn’t really matter. I have been living life large through your faithful blogs on travel and your splendid photography, where your lens and artistic eye encapsulate the present and “presence” as few do or can. Your writing and photography both feed my, “non-traveling”, soul at this time. You are important just as you are. I will welcome your very next post, yet trust any space in time there is between posts.

  3. Christine, I think you need a period of decompression like a diver coming back to the surface.
    Your mind has absorbed so much that you need to wring it out – but S L O W L Y! Take care.

  4. I think you are grieving the loss of vacation, I do that every year when we return to everyday life, and not editing your images is putting off the pleasures of reliving those moments that are so wonderful, I want to live “on vacation” , but alas, we will all be here when you have time to re-enter your blog, MJ

  5. I totally understand how you feel Christine, sometimes life is “too big” – so be gentle to yourself, it will happen when it happens. But it is good to know that you are back safe and sound !

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