Search Engine Poetry

Inspired by beeblu blog I have stopped sorting travel photos and scanned the search engine terms used by browsers who have found my blog online. Her challenge is to make a poem with some of these terms …. well that is irresistible! Look what I found ….

ice self melting
orb weaver spirit

earth’s vast expanse
sunlight shone sea

rainbow pressed lights
centre of golden stillness

take care of your heart
tumultuous flower.

If you are intrigued like me check out the link to blubee blog above, where you will find the instructions for finding the search engine terms in your stats. Then have fun!


16 thoughts on “Search Engine Poetry

  1. Wow! These beautiful couplets say a lot about the soul of your blog, Christine.
    I love them all, and this one in particular:
    “take care of your heart
    tumultuous flower”
    I am doing one post a week for the SEP entries I receive and will create a post for your wonderful entry and publish on Tuesday (when I am back from a long weekend in the mountains for my birthday).
    Thanks for participating! 😀

      • I did… very prosaic
        a mind is a terrible thing to waste on housework…andy rooney praises women over 50…
        you’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut how to explain… but you’re right in what you say, there are some odd serach terms out there, these not the least of them 🙂

    • thanks monica, i could hardly believe my eyes when i saw these terms in the list, who could have been searching for such things, and how wonderful that they were directed by the great www to my site!

    • have you looked at your search engine terms arindam? they are surprising, you will love it! when you see the wonderful things people write a poem will fall naturally into your mind!!!

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