Singapore Gardens by the Bay

The Supertree Grove, spectacular!

Me inside the Cloud Forest dome, waterfalls and mist kept the plants cool and wet.

From the ground looking up at the Cloud Forest dome and walkways.

One of Singapore's many splendid buildings, seen from the skywalk in the Supertree Grove. We are in the airport now, ready to fly home, so I am looking forward to catching up with everyone soon.


22 thoughts on “Singapore Gardens by the Bay

  1. My son had several job offers in Singapore but considering that I live on the other side of the planet, I’m very glad he turned them down. However…. I was excited about the thought of going to visit. He enjoyed his time there. Maybe some day……

  2. What a most amazing trip you’ve had! Thanks for taking us along. I had to look at the picture of you twice because it looked as though the plant behind you was growing through you. 🙂

    • oh that sounds lovely, this week in yoga i have been guiding people through the elements, becoming earth, water, air, fire and space … so becoming a plant is another joy!

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