View over Switzerland

We met an old friend today, on the western side of Switzerland. He took us to climb a 45 metre tower built near Seedorf, in a forest visited by walkers and cyclists. From the fourth level there is a view over almost all of Switzerland. Come and join me in the experience!

A beautiful forest of pine, spruce, and larch, obviously well-managed like everything in this small country of perfectionists.

We climbed the tower on solid timber stairs, stopping at each of the platforms to admire the view over the surrounding farmland, away to the Jura Mountain range on the French border in the west.

At the top we could clearly see the Swiss Alps, with the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau away in the east.

To the south-east the view extends past the Lakes of Biel and Neuchatel, towards Geneva. Haze made the photo rather dull, but the marvellous clouds in the sky over the forest look much more interesting.

Our friend Chrisophe waved cheerfully to the north, where lay Zurich, and the border with Germany.

After lots of technical discussion about the design and construction of the tower we made our way down, back to the forest to enjoy all the sights and aromas on our walk back to the car.


Thanks for your company ….. we are going to the mountains tomorrow …. hope you can come along with us.


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