Afternoon in Zurich

We arrived at Zurich station about 2:30 after a speedy four hour trip in a TGV Lyria from Paris. After waiting for five minutes or so at the entry to the platform we saw our Swiss exchange daughter and her mother rushing through the crowd, looking from face to face. We waved, relieved to see them, remembering our last arrival fourteen years ago, which co-incided with a huge fancy dress street carnival that totally blocked all the traffic. After all our greetings and the drive home, our Swiss daughter had to return to work, but her mother took us out walking along the Lake of Zurich, all the way into the city, then we caught the tram home again. Here are some photos so you share the walk!

This is the ferry that makes a round trip on the Lake.

The path flows through parks and recreation areas, where people swim, dine, drink, sunbake, play boule, and so on.

We enjoyed the sculptures, ducks and swans, water views and vistas to the city, and all the while great thunder clouds drifted over, blown by a strong south wind that rattled the hawsers and stays on the boats.

Every sheltered spot was a little treat!

It became obvious we were nearing the centre of Zurich …. our guide pointing out the various church and Munster towers and other important landmarks.

We needed Swiss Francs, so had to detour to find an ATM, but soon found somewhere to sit for a while so S could draw.

Then we walked in a circle over two bridges, and came back to the tram stop as the sun set, ready for the trip back to our daughter's house.


Now we relax and wait for our busy Swiss daughter to arrive home, so we three can all have dinner and catch up on years of family news. When she comes I hope to learn the wifi connection password, and this post can go out into the ether.



10 thoughts on “Afternoon in Zurich

  1. Beautiful series of shots. Thanks for taking us along on your travels. I’m getting to see places I’ve never been to (and not sure I’ll get to).

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