The Metro

The top photo shows an older style metro train, and the lower one was taken inside a newer one where there are no divisions between the carriages …. and it is designed to stop at specific openings at a clear barricade fixed to the station, see the lighter coloured screen in front of the train.


I like the curved tunnel walls, and really enjoy seeing the trains snake around on their winding tracks.The Paris Metro is a brilliant system, with trains on every line only a few minutes apart. The semi-circular walls create some problems for the poster hangers!

Tomorrow we leave Paris, but our trip home will take a whole week, so there will be more adventures and meetings with good friends along the way.



9 thoughts on “The Metro

  1. I have the funniest memory here. Tom and I were on the platform. I was like the man in the first photo…”Is THIS the train I want????” Tom got on, they tooted horn they would be leaving (before the age of cell phones) I barely hopped on before the door zipped closed. Tom and I don’t know French, we began looking at the map on the wall…the other people could tell what was up; they signaled us we were going the OPPOSITE direction we wanted to reach our destination; I could only imagine what life would have been like if Tom had zipped off on train, and I was left back on platform!

    • oh dear, a scary experience! but once you are in the metro it is easy to change direction, we learnt that quickly some years ago, so now we always tell ourselves the colour, number and direction we want before we go down the steps …… saves on anxiety 🙂

  2. I love trains and train stations – the Paris Metro has that olde world feel, doesn’t it? Enjoyed these photos and the information about the fixed barricades – another innovation

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