On a windy and rainy day we took the train out to Giverny to visit Monet's house and garden. Except for a few paths being closed because the top of a huge tree by the lily pond had broken, and gusty wind, it was all gorgeous!

You can see the wind whipping the trees here!

The overcast sky was probably helpful for macro photos of the flowers …. I did quite a few.

I have not seen a garden like this before, just huge closely packed beds of flowers, absolutely masses, with brilliant colours, and different shades of foliage, all very pleasing to the eye.

Unable to sketch near the lily pond, S satisfied himself drawing Monet's house, which of course is quite unique and colourful inside.

After Monet's garden we saw a really fabulous exhibition at the Musee d' Impressionisme ….. but here is one last picture of the garden.

My son just told that the garden was all pansies and tulips when he was there in Spring ….. what a huge job those gardeners do!



19 thoughts on “Giverny

    • you would love it, just try to pick a quiet time like we did …. it is easy from Paris, 40 minutes in the train from St Lazare, a bus meets the train to take you to Giverny, all well organised except having to buy the bus ticket on the bus, which takes ages as each one is produced and validated by the driver…. but that is the romantic French way!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that it has a changing pallet for the seasons – always changing, and evolving. And it looks as if you had a good time of it vis a vis other visitors – some people’s stories of the hordes have been horrifying!

  2. On a dreary, windy day you have come up wiht the best photos. It was hard to choose but the lily pond image now adorns my office computer screen. I have to say I agree with this… “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” – Claude Monet

    • thanks for sharing the Monet quote EllaDee, it really is beautiful …. evidently it is nearly impossible to get a photo of the bridge with no-one on it, so thanks to the closed path that pond photo looks really peaceful and deserted ….. the sweetest little brook runs through on the side …. the kind of brook we dont have in Australia!

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