Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Paris is very people-friendly city, with wonderful places to relax and enjoy the sunshine. We were hunting for a new sketch book near the grand Pantheon, just along from the Jardin du Luxembourg. I thought you might enjoy seeing the gardeners at work, the flowers, and buildings, and people.

No matter how busy the streets are, or the museums, you can always find somewhere to rest.

The planting around the main fountain is superb, joyous yellow flowers or varying heights, textures and colours, the exact same order of planting repeated over and over again.


No-one minds if you put your feet up!

Looking back towards the Pantheon.

We have walked and walked, been in and out of gorgeous places, and tomorrow morning we are on the TGV for Bordeaux, and then by hire car to Perigueux. We return to Paris after a week in the Dordogne, enjoying country town life and some of the most beautiful villages in the world.


14 thoughts on “Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

  1. Christine,

    Your post brought back memories of Paris.

    There also is a lovely peacefulness to the photos you’ve chosen to share. I want to be in that chair, leaning back, feeling the sun on my face- in Paris.



  2. You’ve done a wonderful job of sharing your travels. Buildings are nice but when you travel you can get over seeing “things”, never flowers though, they show the heart of a place πŸ™‚

    • never to late to join in robin, we just found a good wifi spot in Perigueux, so i can share again πŸ™‚ …… stillthinking about your last post and the yearlong challenges you set yourself πŸ™‚

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