Electric Cars in Paris

Last night we had dinner near Gare du Nord in Paris, since we were meeting our son who was returning from a business trip to London. After the excellent Indian meal he asked if we would like to travel home by autolib. Of course we would! Using his phone he reserved a car at the nearest charging station, which was about fifty metres from the restaurant. He also reserved a parking space at the station outside his apartment. When we reached the station he swiped his autolib card, the light flashed on the charger of the allocated car, and the car opened.

The small car is very roomy, taking four of us easily.

A panel on the dashboard welcomed him by name (not correctly spelled!) and the radio tuned itself to his last chosen station. The GPS showed the most direct route home ….. what an easy business!


A few minutes later we were parking the car, and plugging it in again. A message flashed onto his phone teling him the cost of the trip, about 4 euros. As well as the cost of using the car he pays 12euros per month to subscribe … so who would own their own car in Paris?

So pleased I managed to make a link in this blog ….using Blogsy is easy but it takes me time to learn how to do things 🙂


19 thoughts on “Electric Cars in Paris

  1. Isn’t that great! My sons live in big cities here in the US, and neither one owns a car. They just use ZIP cars (similar to what you described). Such a great system! (electric even better!) Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  2. Hi Christina, Finally got to read your blog. You write so well. Your trip to Ireland brought back many memories. Fascinated to read of the electric car in Paris. Have a lovely time in beautiful Paris (yes you too Stewie x) Mary Mc xxx

  3. Wow, this is so fascinating, Christine. I thought this was the stuff of futuristic movies. What an innovative, environmentally friendly and cheap way of getting around.Sydney could do with something like this… Great post!

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