Coomeenoole Beach, Slea Head Drive, Dingle

The narrow winding road around Slea Head, with it’s spectacular views of the Great Blasket Islands and vivid green hillsides dotted with sheep, attracts many visitors. Some find their way down the cliffside to this beach, used for filming some of the scenes in Ryan’s Daughter. Low cloud is common here, on the western-most peninsular of land in Europe.

We have also been looking for Holy Wells on our trip to Ireland, and after a long conversation with a farmer who was engaged in separating his cows from their calves (lots of loud mooing involved), we found one on the cliffside at Dunquin. This is an ancient spring, revered in the old days as a source of life, and since Christianity honored as Saint Gobnait’s Well. people come to pray here every year on 11th Februay, St Gobnait’s Day. I made an essence here, you can see the essence bottle sitting in the well.

While waiting for the essence to finish and Stuart to complete his drawing I sat on the rocky cliff top looking at the afternoon sunlight leaking through the cloud around the Blasket Islands.


33 thoughts on “Coomeenoole Beach, Slea Head Drive, Dingle

    • Hi Francine, we are the airport at Cork waiting to fly to Paris … The essence feels like healing balm on the strife of life … Mmmm it feels peaceful … Will let you know how it turns out when we get home πŸ™‚ Christine x

  1. Christine,

    These are each great shots but that first one with the misty clouds, stone wall, green fields, and beach is just amazing. Really special.

    I really, really love your photographic work. Thanks for sharing it.


    • Hi Tom, You are so kind, and I am happy that you like the photos …I tried to capture the magic in the landcape …for those who have eyes to see! All about presence and life πŸ™‚

    • i think you are right about fertility, as with the second well in Ballyvourney, it was definitely female reproduction, but this one seems to be healing of trouble and strife, feels like balm … we will see πŸ™‚

    • so glad you have been there too jo, you understand how fortunate we were to have sunshine, even if through some low cloud … we brought our australian weather with us!

    • it was water from the well, which i then let sit with the express intention of collecting the energy of the well, and any gift that nature wished to impart …when it was ready (this time about 25 minutes) i felt it was time, collected it, thanked the well and all the nature spirits and guardians of the place, poured half out as a gift in return then filled the bottle again with brandy to preserve it …. like making a flower essence …while waiting i prayed for the well and the water of Ireland and the Earth, to be blessed, to be pure and abundant, to be free and alive, to be the way nature intended…. all such an involving wonderful process …does that answer your question annie?

      • Indeed! I have often done the same in some of the most holy places I have visited short of making an essence. Now, I will include that as part of the whole blessed experience. Thank you so much for sharing!

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