Dingle Peninsular

Steeped in history with signs of man dating back over 6000 years, the Dingle Peninsular is a great place to explore. Below there is the Gallarus Oratory, an impressive old stone building, from about 1200 AD. Below that the ruin of an old church at Kilmalkedar, with carved stones, including an Ogham stone in the left foreground of the photo.

Above a roadside view over Dunquin and beyond to the Blaskets. The narrow lanes are thick with flowers of all kinds after the wettest summer in 26 years. Our hire car is small and the single lane roads with occasional passing places are no bother ….. Just beautiful!

Two great gallaun stones, one with a flat top representing the female principle and the other with a pointed top representing the male principle, but now joined together by a farm wall, we had to follow instructions in an old book to find these, as there is apparently no interest in them locally.

Until we next find wi-fi, wishing you all well, the generous blessings of the Irish, and thank you so much for your lovely comments, it is fun sharing this gorgeous trip with each one of my readers.


11 thoughts on “Dingle Peninsular

  1. I’m enjoying the trip, too! And re: the stones and local lack of interest — isn’t it funny how we humans take for granted the wonderful things that are part of our own ordinary landscape? Go figure…

    • this is right, taken for granted, “those old things” …. yet they have so much to tell us, even if just about life long ago when people went to a lot of effort to erect markers for their own reasons 🙂

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