Ireland, Bantry

We left our opulent hotel before dawn, emerging into a lamp lit canal-side street, with the moon glowing overhead. The occasional bicycle whizzed past, the soft clunk of the chain alerting us. Our wheeled bags rumbled on the quiet cobbles, we waved at a lady of the night standing in her red light window, and soon we were at the station, then the airport.

The plane came down in thick cloud, the ground only appearing as a white line on the Tarmac as we touched down in Cork! After finding the hire car we wound south to the colorful seaside town of Kinsale, and along the narrow winding scenic road towards Clonakilty where the sun was shining. We noticed that there are no pavement cafes, and ended up eating a delicious fish and chip lunch safe inside a snug pub, since obviously sunshine an warmth are unusual here.We found Drombeg Stone Circle quite easily, but watched low cloud obscuring the sea and fields while we wandered around looking at the early stone hut remains, and generally soaked up the atmosphere. I made an essence here, more about that later. Beautiful heather and fuscia brightened the lanes!

our B&B is Hagal Healing Farm, high on the hills above Bantry Bay … The perfect place for a good massage and delicious home-grown food … We heard frogs in the night and roosters at dawn, so today we off walking to another stone circle, and exploring around Bantry. I started the day in the Sky Room, meditating as sunrays slowly struggled through the cloud.

20 thoughts on “Ireland, Bantry

  1. I loved the photo of Drombeg Stone Circle… an item high on my “bucket list” is to travel to the UK and Europe to visit the standing stones etc. Hagal Healing Farm sounds wonderful πŸ™‚

    • the farm is a treat, we had the most wonderful massage, and the vegetarian food prepared by Fred is fantastic …. Tonight we had moussaka with lentils and goats cheese, with kale stir fried with a little ginger syrup, delicious!

  2. Ireland is such a beautiful country. I remember landing in Dublin in thick fog, and then a 2 hour taxi ride at night, through narrow, winding country lanes. Those stone circles are really fascinating, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

    • Hi mj, more flowers today, and I saw lots of birds but am not traveling with the super-zoom so no bird pics to share …. One was the robin redbreast, and others were water birds and waders …

  3. Oh, I do so hope for the grand blessing to be able to come to Ireland one day; now three of my friends, including you, are there. Oh, Spirit of Life, open my path to Ireland with my travel and soulmate, Tom.

  4. The feeling I get when entering an ancient site is difficult to describe. There is an overwhelming feeling of time passing ever so slowly. A feeling that the people who were there never really left. Avebury certainly gives me that feeling. I hope you enjoy your Irish stone circles and the connection they provide to our forebears Christine.

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