Another artwork at the MCA looked like a beautiful tapestry. Close inspection revealed neat coloured metal shapes, all carefully linked together like chain-mail.This work is titled Afor 2010 made from aluminium liquor bottlecaps and copper wire by artist El Anatsui who was born in Ghana in 1944. He now lives and works in Nigeria as a sculptor and teacher.

A simply stunning work, which radiates beauty and colour, yet teaches us something about life, where something associated with pain and suffering can be transformed through patience and work into a source of joy!

10 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. An amazing piece of art. I like your photo with the woman looking at the piece. I wonder what she thinks?

  2. Wonderful creativity. This artist deserves all the recognition as he not only creating something wonderful but also making this planet beautiful. I like the first picture a lot. Great work, Christine.

  3. Wow! Beautiful Art from recycled materials. That is a perfect example to everyone that with patience, creativity and ingenuity, what we may think as trash, is actually a rough gem waiting to be discovered.

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