King Parrots

Australian King Parrots, male at front, female back

We were picking sugar snap peas in the garden when the parrots came to find us. The conversation went along the lines of  ” ….but we are busy….” “so stop what you are doing and get some seed for us!” “just a minute or two …” “oh well, we’ll find something else to do …maybe try the peas …”  So two very gorgeous birds drew us back to the house to find a few seeds, and to get a photo or two. This pair also come to wake us in the morning if they want feeding, they know where the bedroom is and strut up and down the verandah rail calling out to us as politely as a parrot can! As for now, what could be nicer on a Sunday afternoon? 😀





14 thoughts on “King Parrots

  1. Beautiful King Parrots, and so tame. Our King Parrot visitors are quite reticent and it’s taken them years to even be slighty comfortable in our distant presence. Your King Parrots display behavior we’ve found more commonly in Rainbow Lorikeets, who are very upfront about their needs 🙂

    • ours are very confident, but very polite, speaking softly ….. unlike the raucous lorikeets …. the king parrots only appear every now and then, doing their rounds of country i guess 🙂

  2. What an amazing moment with the parrots. I wish I live in a place where right in my very backyard, I will meet parrots and other fascinating creatures. Everyday is an adventure! Thanks.

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