Morning Walk

There are hints of summer this morning, although a few days ago we were freezing with cloudy skies and cold southerly wind. It was high tide so we walked out onto the Point instead of walking along the beach. The Hakeas were flowering, I love this pink version that grows wild here. These sharp needled bushes make a perfect bird habitat.

There are still some Red Wattlebirds about, here is one in a casuarina by the track.

Honeymoon beach is always lovely!

On the track through to our beach we found a group of casuarinas flowering profusely …these are Allocasuarina littoralis, the male flowers form the long orange tips, and the female flowers are discrete red stars on a separate plant.

male allocasuarina littoralis, female plant below

In the bushland around the lagoon we listened to myriads of birds enjoying the morning sunshine, including rainbow lorikeets, who were feeding in the Banksia integrifolia trees.

As we arrived back at the house we entered the bottom garden gate, past the clothes line where the morning light caught the coloured pegs.

Then I remembered I wanted to photograph the sugar snap peas!

and their flowers

then the nasturtiums caught my eye with their dew spangled leaves ….

and it was time to go in for breakfast … hope you enjoyed these few jewels of the morning with me.

26 thoughts on “Morning Walk

  1. And very beautiful jewels they are. I would never get tired of this walk. Looks very refreshing and peaceful. Thanks for allowing us along.


  2. I caught a glimpse of this post a few days ago in the middle of a carzy work week, and thought ooooooh, I wish that was me 🙂 It’s truly beautiful and you I can see how much you love it by the care you give the small things. Love the pegs 🙂

    • Funny how the light shows up different things …. early morning light catches the pegs sideways and they look so different, like coloured flowers on a vine or something … it will be you soon, in your country life!

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