One of the more esoteric things I do is to make vibrational remedies or essences. On Lord Howe Island there are huge Banyan trees, some of which cover three acres of land. The tree in the paddock where our cottage was located was of a good age, and had been pruned to feed cattle for several generations. The original tree where the fig seed had germinated was now gone, so that when we stood in the middle of the ring of trunks we looked up into a circle of branches that framed the sky.

The original seedling had sent a root down to the ground, gathering strength and nutrients for the tree to grow, then each branch in turn sent down aerial prop roots, like long tassels, which took root when they reached the ground too. Once rooted the long thread thickened to eventually become another trunk, supporting the branch above as it continued to grow, sending down more exploratory tassels which would become trunks.

So one tree becomes a forest, marching through the landscape, supported and nourished by each of its many trunks, and its multiple branches supporting the canopy.

We had come to Lord Howe on the spur of the moment, when we decided to go somewhere for a short break. We talked idly about a Pacific Island such as Noumea, then did our research separately, and were astonished to find we had both separately decided on Lord Howe. No we had never mentioned it before! So we knew we were supposed to be there and the delays flying in were all part of the deal … if the Universe wants you somewhere you know it will happen regardless of the weather. When I travel I am always prepared to make an essence, and I respond to the energy around me to know where and when and how. This time it seemed to be the Banyan, the one near the cottage.

One morning I went to sit with it, observing, listening, meditating. I carried water in a clear glass, which I sat in the space under the circle of branches, and I put a quartz crystal beside it to help focus the energy.

A cow came to join me for a while, then Stuart came to sit and draw, and finally I felt the essence was ready.

I poured it into a small bottle, added brandy as a preservative, and thanked the tree within whose great circling trunks I sat. I counted about fourteen trunks in the inner circle and about fifty in the wider circle of its spread.

So what is it like? It feels like community, like a great mother supporting her young, like people working together in harmony; it feels strong, like being held and encouraged, part of a network reaching out. I think it is an essence to build community, to knit people together, to help bring in those who feel like outsiders so they also begin to realise that we are all one, an essence to strengthen the awakening of the human race so we can learn a better way of living together in peace.

For anyone who is interested the essence is available in a small dropper bottle, you take 7 drops twice a day, or just keep it near you. Like all vibrational remedies it is very gentle, working harmoniously with your own energy patterns. It might be the kind of thing you would like to spray in the air in certain places, local government buildings perhaps! Picture your own community of love and peace growing like a great banyan.

I don’t usually talk about the essences, being a kind of ‘out-there’ activity, but if you are interested in my essences please see the separate site I am trying to make!

20 thoughts on “Banyan

  1. I think your separate site is a perfect place to talk about your essences and don’t worry about them being ‘out there’ the people that get it will find it 🙂

  2. I like the whole essence of this post. At first I didn’t understand what I was reading about. Was it about the growth of a tree. Then all of a sudden I felt this calm, this peace and knew I understood what you had just did. Does this sound unusual to you? It does to me. Peace, harmony, unity, community, wow. I will check out your link.


    • francine, that is amazing! i think you really felt the power of the essence just by reading about it, nature is incredible, so much that we don’t understand of the goodness, love, and healing that is always there for us 🙂

        • These moments when there is no time or space blow me away, it is how things really are, yet we so rarely experience it …. we are all just here now in the One divine life … in God/dess if you like 🙂

  3. I love this and I appreciate your sharing the story. I don’t find it out there at all. I wish I could have tried this with you, but after reading your post, I feel like I have. Thanks!

    • thanks tbm, it is wonderful to know that the banyan can reach you too, nature is so generous! glad you dont find it ‘out there’ … anyone who is aware of the energy around them should have an inkling 🙂

  4. Never heard of Vibrational Essences before, so thanks for the enlightenment. I feel that many things speak to us – natural things and man made – we just have to be prepared to listen. I love to feel the strength of the Whitebeam trees on Hampstead Heath – an ancient forest in central London. I feel somehow at one with the world within the peace of St. Albans Abbey. And there’s always that strange sensation that touching a working piece of engineering gives me. We can but wonder at the beauties and wonders of our Universe for everything is tied together as one 🙂

    It may surprise you that I believe in there being a God – lets just say that I’m very much on the freethinking side of the Church of England (yes, they allow us to do that now!) 😉

    • i understand completely Martin, i love the feeling in some churches, i was brought up CofE, and you are right, we just have to slow down and listen, as you do with the Whitebeam trees …. i love to see the old pumps and engines working too … once we can step out of our isolated me-centred world view there is wonder and amazement all around us 🙂 … i guess my God/Goddess is the Life itself!

  5. I also feel energy in. different places. Interesting to hear that you make, and how you make the vibrational essences, having used similar myself before but never made them. I like that you and the Banyan Tree worked together to create a community building vibrational essence 🙂

    • you are right, it was a collaboration, nature is so generous … glad to hear you feel energy too, i think we all do but many have not thought about it, thanks for your positive input!

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