Red Carrots, Green Peas

Are you sighing … oh not another food theme? But look at this beautiful carrot, pulled from the garden by the Three Year Old ….

Did you know carrots were originally purple or yellow or red, before they were tamed, whoops domesticated, and I think it was the Dutch who bred the standard orange carrot most of us eat. Anyway our carrot was matchsticked, and a little carrot stick construction took place, but was soon overshadowed by the important task the TYO discovered for herself.

shelling peas

She decided to shell the sugar snap peas, which of course have an edible pod … but once she had seen the tiny peas inside she patiently pulled the shells apart and gathered the peas together. Then she called out loudly “Dubdee, lie down on the sofa and I will feed you!” And she did! Dubdee (Grandpa) was thrilled, no one had ever suggested he lie and allow himself to be fed before. She knows how to win him over!


25 thoughts on “Red Carrots, Green Peas

    • i realise we are fortunate to be able to grow them year around, plus our climate is moderated by our proximity to the ocean, and the house shelters the garden from the cold southerly winds … hope your next summer is better!

    • yes she is such a treat, and she lives a wonderful life where wandering around the garden browsing and picking is part of each day …. as is hours of art work which she adores … your visitors must be nearly there, hope all the baking is done!!

  1. The joy of discovery! TYO must have felt that she’d found treasure inside those pods πŸ™‚ And Dubdee, heaven πŸ˜€ I love the purple carrots – our local grocer gets the in quite often.

    • you do have a good grocer bluebee, it reminded me that my grandfather who emigrated from England was a greengrocer, he was based at Turramurra and prided himself on having the best quality produce πŸ™‚ yes Dubdee was in heaven, he still can’t believe we have this gorgeous little girl who adores him!

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