Nankeen Kestrel

A week or so ago a friend of ours caught these wonderful pictures of a Nankeen Kestrel at the community gardens. No doubt attracted by all the activity during the working bee, the bird was quite unconcerned about people, perching on a pole with a good view and swooping when it spotted some prey.

Nankeen Kestrel flying

The photographer is Kate Raymond, and this next image should take you to her photo gallery on Google+ (just click, and you could leave her some +1’s while you are there) …there is even one picture of a child approaching the kestrel while it is in the worked over garden bed.

Great work Kate!

15 thoughts on “Nankeen Kestrel

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics, Christine. I should say they were taken hastily (very excited) and I uploaded them without any digital corrections, so they’re not the best. The first image is cropped from an image in the album and corrected a bit. The image with the child is my daughter throwing the kestrel another grub. We spent at about 1/2 an hour digging loads of grubs and tossing them onto the freshly dug plot for the bird to swoop down and eat. Watching its behaviour was fascinating.

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