Sydney’s China Town

On our brief visit to the city a few weeks ago we managed to enjoy our favourite city lunch, Yum Cha in Chinatown. We went to Marigold, 

rather than another favourite, East Ocean.

It was early, so there was no queuing for a table, in minutes we were selecting delicious steamed dumplings from the passing trolleys. Some of my favourites are pictured here on another blog about East Ocean. We ate prawn dumplings, scallop and chive dumplings, prawn rice noodles, and others whose names I do not know! Each piece is tasty, succulent, mouth-wateringly delicious!

We drank chinese tea, listened to the happy excited voices, watched the neighbouring tables and soaked up the festive atmosphere.

It is more fun to go with a large group so that you can sample more different delicacies, so we enjoyed them vicariously, watching the pleasure of other diners.

Trolleys with stacked bamboo steamers rolled past, each waitress asking if you would like to choose any of her offerings.

This pass of the sweets trolley was a little early for us, but perfect for photographing. It seemed that everyone was asking for the custard tarts, but there were none on the trolley … oh dear! That was what we would have had too. 

Colourful chinese jellies made with agar agar, other sweets are made with red bean, or glutinous rice. Dont they look delicious? My favourites include a coconut jelly, melt-in-the-mouth softness that you almost inhale, perfect at the end of a long and special meal like yum cha. This one that Stuart is eating also includes red bean.

As we were leaving I caught a few more good snaps of the scene. Here is the woman who cooks the chinese greens, a must-have! 

A peep into the kitchen where greens and rice noodle rolls wait ready for the lunchtime crowds. Then we were back in the street, no time to photograph the little grocery shops and fresh vegetable dealers, we were headed for the quay … so a few minutes to listen to a busker at Haymarket, then a walk through famous old Dixon Street, which is now much too flash!

Another busker, this one playing statues! A quick look into a colourful window,

and then we were through the lion gates and back in the hurley burley of Sussex Street. 

We made our way through the thronging footpaths and roaring traffic to George Street where we caught a bus down to Circular Quay, a part of the story you have already seen. Every moment in the city that day was just perfect!


11 thoughts on “Sydney’s China Town

    • Thanks MJ, I should show you some more birds but things Are hectic here, I have been working this weekend 🙂 running classes for women’s retreat … Very rewarding!

  1. A wonderful post on your visit to China Town. Those desserts look wonderful. At some point I would have to try them all. Love my sweets. Thanks for sharing.


  2. mmmm Great post & photos. We love yum cha and our favourite venue was the Regal but it’s being refurbished, or even more horrifying thought – gone. I’ve eaten dinner at the Marigold, must now try it for yum cha 🙂

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